Wednesday, June 1, 2016


The best way to acquire the development mindset is to be constantly on the look out for ways that you can make a difference in other people's lives and possibly to have a lasting change or impact.

Therefore a one-time act may not be considered an act of someone with a development mindset. But if your assistance will form part of a larger endeavor then probably your one-time assistance could be considered as a development initiative. 

For instance you donated to a conservation organization whose aim is to the conservation of endangered species in our planet, so even if the donation is one-time then you know that your money is being used to make a lasting change to our environment. 

Of course consistency of the action will be ideal as it will ensure the continuity of action and aims of the organization you are supporting. This a major aim of all development effort. .

All around us we will see opportunity to support development initiatives that is empowering and will not create a dependent person out of those you have helped. 

Remember the old saying:

"Give someone a fish, and he/she will eat for a day  But teach someone to fish, and he/she will eat for a    lifetime"

This is still one of the best, if not the best, ways by which you can measure whether your effort is developmental or just a charity.

Additionally, you may also look around people near you, could be your neighbors or nearest kin that badly needed support for them to bloom. Supporting people to develop their full potentials is an indicator of a person with a development mindset. 

The person who have developed one's potentials are capable of developing others too. Or he/she now has the development muscle strength to pull others up and pay forward.

Don't look far. Look near. How about your hometown? Does your hometown will profit from a small development interventions here and there? Are there development needs that you can response to? 

Nurture and grow your development mindset.We shall all meet in every corner.

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